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Pictured: Andrew Stewart, Commercial Director JBS Global (UK) Ltd.

Under the new Australia-UK FTA, which came into force on 31 May, JBS delivered its first consignment containing an assortment of JBS Aberdeen Black beef products.

The milestone continues JBS Australia’s longstanding commitment to the UK market, where it’s been a consistent supplier of premium beef products for more than 30 years.

Managing Director JBS Global (UK) Nick Sherwood, said “JBS Australia has continually invested in the UK market and navigated market access challenges to ensure a continual supply of premium proteins to its strong customer base.”

As a significant supplier of Australian beef to the UK market, we were delighted to have one of the first consignments entered under the new FTA agreement. This is a significant milestone for the Australian industry and will strengthen the links between UK and Australia, where our shared values in producing sustainable, high quality agricultural products is at the heart of the agreement. We always receive positive feedback from clients, crediting the Australian producers for producing fine meat with super eating quality and consistency. Our clients recognise the passion and dedication within the Australian supply chain, from producers to the packers, everything is about ensuring the best quality meat is in the box,” he added.

Andrew Stewart, JBS Global (UK) Commercial Director of fresh and frozen goods, which covers Australian beef and lamb imports, commented “I moved to the UK office from the JBS Australian business 10 years ago and I am proud that we’ve been able to build a platform and solid customer base for Australian meat in the UK market. The A-UK FTA represents a new chapter in this journey and myself and the team are excited by the opportunities to really build upon the solid foundation we already have in the market here.”

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